Relationships and friendships are all initiated by an invitation, no matter how big or small. Now, this notion confounds me. From a personal sense, the idea that I have willingly invited everyone, who has some sort of influence over me, into my life is daunting. This is primarily because they don’t always leave the most pleasant remains after they leave.

In this post I will be discussing three different forms of ‘invitations’. Firstly, friendship. Friendship, for me, is simply sharing and creating experiences with someone you find remotely interesting, and whose company you enjoy. However, more often than not, friendships turn into romance. The thought of letting someone be an influence in your life isn’t that scary, really. However, these relationships tend to blossom, and as time goes by this influence grows. Sometimes, almost to the point, where they are one of the primary causal factors in your life. When we accept a friendship, we are rarely considering this fact. It is accepted in the simplest of senses because we are unaware of what may possibly happen.

Secondly, a romantic relationship. For the feasibility, we are going to assume this relationship didn’t begin with a friendship. Now, these sorts of relationships are my personal favourite. More often than not, they’re incredibly simple, and often end with minimal damage. The simple start, and simple end are the sorts of relationships I find the nicest, but not necessarily the best. The idea of inviting someone into your life romantically, does not necessarily mean you have to be vulnerable, unlike a friendship. You are not obliged to share a great deal with them, or even confide in them. That being said, this isn’t essential in a friendship but tends to happen as the friendship flourishes – willingly or not. I am not implying vulnerability will never happen, it is not simply not a prerequisite, as it can be with some friendships.

Lastly, in a sexual manner. This notion interests me the most. I’m primarily referring to one night stands, and hookups. For me, this illustrates the humans need for connection (or simply an outlet for our sexual needs). Finding comfort in the arms of a stranger at 2AM is a common occurrence, and often doesn’t lead to much more. Possibly, an exchange of numbers and a repeat of the night’s events. Personally, I’m not one for random hookups that last a night, I prefer getting to know someone, talking with them, and seeing how things progress. For me, one night stands, create an ideology that we need to repress our emotional feelings and simply use sex as an outlet. In my opinion, they’re the product of heartbreaks and broken trust. That being said, each to his/her own.