The Reunion

Breakfast, markets, and shopping. What more could one want? Nothing. 

Today, I spent time with my ex, properly, for the first time since the Break-Up. To be honest, it was fantastic. We got along like ‘two peas in a pod’, you might say. No, it was great. Really. This has caused me to rethink my previous theory on the possibilities of ex’s being friends. We ate, we drank, we laughed. It was almost as though nothing had changed.

Things were always complicated between us. Eventually, we both realised this mainly stemmed from a lack of maturity. After all, we were very young when we started dating. We were never ‘just friends’. There was always a romantic interest. However, as our relationship progressed, C became my best friend. Someone I could share everything with, and who I wanted to share every experience with – regardless of whether it was positive or negative. 

Fortunately, this has continued into our present relationship. Regardless of our complicated history, I still continue to consider C one of my closest friends. We are both aware that there is no romantic future for us, and have accepted that. We are both ‘attempting’ to see other people. In my opinion, we have conquered the break up and successfully transitioned into the ‘just-friends’ zone. I believe that complete honesty on both our parts made this possible. 

Honesty solves everything.


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